Rules and Regulations

Teams can consist of at least one member to a maximum of five members. Exceptions can be made for teams to have more than five members on a case-by-case basis. Contact the hackathon committee in case you need to have a team of more than five members.

Each team can select a problem. All works related to the project should be done only during the hackathon. Anything done prior to that will a be considered as a reason for disqualification of the entire team. .

Each Team Will Be Evaluated At Different Phases.

An Amount Of Rs. 500 Will Be Provided To All Shortlisted Teams For Their Initial Consumables.

Each team will be provided with Rs. 6000* depending on the projects.

Team members should be finalised on or before 26.10.2021.

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Hackathon 2021

To the Attention of the participants

1)The team members cannot leave the team unless the whole project is ready to dispatch.
2)All the team members should be well aware about the each content in the concern project.
3)Not only the team coordinator also each member in a team should co-operate for the well being of the project.
4) Team coordinator should atleast make their team members aware about the project

Hackathon News

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